After you or your dependent receives care at Franciscan Alliance , we will send a claim to your insurance company to pay your bill. We will do everything we can to minimize your financial burden by maximizing your insurance benefits.

You may receive separate billing statements for your health care services. These may include a billing statement for:

  • The hospital or facility fee
  • The physician or professional service fee
  • Anesthesia fees, if applicable

For example, if your child has outpatient surgery, you may receive a billing statement for the physician's fees from the surgeon, one for hospital charges and one for anesthesia. If your child sees a physician in an outpatient clinic, you may receive a billing statement for the physician's fees and one for the hospital, facility and / or clinic fees.

Billing Process

How You Can Help

Every time you visit for health services, we will ask you for current health coverage information to make sure that insurance companies, group numbers, etc., have not changed.

Please have current proof of insurance, Medicare or Medicaid coverage available.

We process your account based on information provided when you were registered at Franciscan Alliance . We will then bill your insurance company(ies).

When registering, please provide your current insurance information.

We send you a billing statement . You may receive several different billing statements (i.e., hospital, physician and / or anesthesia).

1. Review the billing statement, making sure the personal and insurance information is correct. If there are changes or if you have any questions, please call the Central Business Office (CBO) at 1-866-903-0436 .

2. Keep your billing statements for your records. The billing statements may be helpful when reviewing the EOB (Explanation of Benefits) you receive from your insurance company.

We wait for payment from your insurance company. If payment is not received in a reasonable amount of time, we may contact your insurance company again.

Your insurance company may ask you to provide more information. If so, please respond quickly, and let us know the information you've provided to the insurance company so we can update our records.

We may ask for your help if we have a problem processing your claim with your insurance company.

1. We may ask you to contact your insurance company.

2. If you do not receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company within 30 days, please contact them to find out status of your claim.

After your insurance company has made payment, we may send you a billing statement for the remaining balance, if any.

When you receive a billing statement, please pay your bill promptly. Enclose the billing stub with your payment

Contact the Central Business Office (CBO)

If you have any questions, please contact the CBO at 866-903-0436 . Hours are Monday – Friday 8 am – 6:30 pm ET / 7 am – 5:30 pm CST.

Have your account number and most recent statement available.

Financial Counseling

If you are worried about paying your medical bills or if you have no health insurance, we can help! Please talk to one of our financial counselors about discounts or payment plans.

Franciscan Alliance is committed to providing health care to those who need it, regardless of ability to pay.